Balkanisation, learning more

The line up of experts to share their knowledge at Kaspersky Lab 4th APAC Cyber Security Summit, held in Siem Reap.

Kaspersky Lab presented the cybersecurity risks that can result from Balkanisation in cyberspace: — the fragmentation of the world wide web, as it launches its 4th Asia Pacific (APAC) Cyber Security Weekend in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Held annually, this year’s conference will see key cybersecurity issues presented by the company’s top researchers and executives to an audience of journalists from 11 countries across the region. The four-day event, with the theme of “Balkanisation: Security Should Not Be in Isolation” will highlight the possible perils of de-globalisation of the internet, alongside an overview of cyberthreats involving countries in Asia. 

“Echoing the warning of our CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, we can clearly see that the utopia of a borderless digital global village is coming to an end. With different countries building their local web fences, the initially free internet is turning into divided and independent patches of online states, which may benefit individual countries to some extent, but will surely be an ace card for criminals aiming to unleash worldwide cyberthreats,” said Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab APAC, Stephan Neumeier.