The future of internet, from a security researcher perspective

Vitaly Kamluk, Kaspersky Lab’s Director of GReAT, APAC

To provide comprehensive insights into the current state of cyber security in APAC, we learn from the elite cybersecurity expert, or the Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) APAC Director, Vitaly Kamluk, whom put the spotlight on the most important online attacks monitored in the region.

He demystified the future of the internet based on his 13 years’ experience in analyzing malware and the current laws and trends that transform the cyber security landscape around the world.

“The volume of new malware we detect daily has been increasing year-on-year in number, in sophistication, and in reach. The future of the internet is fragile and, as nations scramble to beef up their defenses, we’re giving birth to Balkanisation. However, fragmentation is not the armor we need to face the menace of the internet of tomorrow. Remember, a divided world is easier to conquer. We need cooperation, collaboration, and mutual trust to effectively thwart these cybercriminals who do acknowledge neither geopolitics nor borders,” warned Kamluk.

Kaspersky Lab founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky noted in an articlehow countries like Brazil and Germany are considering, or may have already kicked off their independent sectors of the internet which involve building parallel networks, isolated from the internet, for highly confidential communication exchanges.

Aside from this, several countries are also crafting policies requiring global tech giants like Google and Facebook to shift their data centers to local locations to curb foreign spying and overseas data intrusions.

Kaspersky has emphasized that Balkanisation and the advent of protectionism being displayed by nations around the world will benefit no one but the cybercriminals.