When everyone can fly, everyone can treat you like shit

Cabin view of the recent flight I boarded, an AirAsia flight.

If given a choice, generally the clients would advise us to NOT board an AirAsia flight.  Reasons being, delayed and safety.

The delay, I understood.  There were a few times some of the media, our colleagues and even clients boarded the AirAsia flights were late for the events, due to the flight delayed.  To be fair, the delay sometimes were due to weather, and ground control.  I am pretty sure AirAsia team would have done all they can to ensure punctuality.  

So in terms of safety, this is subjective.  But after my recent flight with AirAsia to Penang, I think it is something which may have overlooked. 

AirAsia used to have, or still have the famous tagline – “Now everyone can fly”.  It is the most popular tagline, in which I think probably most kids would know it by heart.  I am not sure whether the same tagline still applies, as I did not notice it when we booked our flights recently.   

I was on an earlier flight than my colleagues and clients. 

Due to the queue line, really long, and I learn from Fakhrul (one of our great former colleague) that the plane can’t take off without you, so what’s the rush. 

This is one thing I notice for most passengers of any airlines, in any country.  Where people rush to form a queue to get into the plane as soon as possible. 

Generally airline ground staff would have informed the passengers to be boarded according to zones.  When Retna and I on our recent trip to Bangkok, traveled on business class, we were pushed out by passengers from economy class wanting to get in first, until the ground staff told the passengers to wait.  Well, some just can’t wait to board. 

So back to the story.  I got into the plane last.  Mainly I was behind a group of elderly ladies from India, or Pakistan or could be my Sri Lanka.  They are slower due to their age and quite a few luggages (I wonder how AirAsia decides on the number of luggages, weights etc, as the website says maximum of 7kg).  The air stewardess were busy (they always are) and no one were available to help these ladies.  I assisted them to put up the luggages into the  compartment.  At the time, I heard the cabin door was shut, and the next thing I knew, the plane has disembarked from the aero bridge, started reversing.  The ladies were a bit out of their balances, needed to hold the seats avoiding possible fall. 

Ok, they were seated, so I could crossed and walked to my seat.  All these while the plane already started moving. 

Hmm, is that qualify as unsafe?

The seat is of course narrower than the likeness of Malindo Air and Malaysia Airline.  The passenger in front of me (both the flights I took to Penang and back to KL) recline their seats.  It was hurtful my knees.  I asked politely to move the seats back on.  

“It’s my right.” she said. 

Since it is a pasar-flight (everyone can go to pasar, you get it?)


So during the descending process, the captain pilot came on the announcement, sharing about the weather, speed etc.  He is obviously an African, with a real strong ascent.  I love Africans.  

When we finally arrived, the air stewardess (whom obviously just read off the scripts) announced the arrival, and when she came to the part of flight number and captain’s name, she went, “Captain, eh….. eh….., the captain and the rest of the crew in charge thank you for flying with AirAsia.”

Wow, truly professional the AirAsia.  I feel so ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ with the crew on air, whom does not know who’s who. 

Since it is a pasar-flight, wait, my mother and I would know the fish seller’s name.