Adhere 13th Blues Bar

We met our friend in Bangkok in our recent trip at Adhere 13th Blues Bar, which is located at Samsen Road.  We had hard time searching for it, as our Grab driver dropped us 150 meters away from the bar.

Adhere 13th Blues Bar is located just opposite a flyover bridge.  You would see an old junk shop and probably confused over the entrance.  However, no fret, it is just next to the junk shop. 

It is a narrow shop lot, with small stools for the patrons to enjoy the music. 

It is best you get there earlier, as the place filled up very fast. 

We began with a slow blues session with a solo guitarist and vocalist. 

Adhere 13th Blues Bar is really about the music.  The food sucks here, so it is best you have dinner some where else and then head here for the music and perhaps simple drink like beer.  

His guitar skill is amazing.