Entertaining Crowd

Happened to be at a charity event, was truly by chance. Was having coffee at a really nice and cozy cafe, and when asked about the washroom, was shown towards an event venue.

I dropped by to have a look at the charity event, something of the stand up comedy sort, which in remembrance of a well known late comedian.

I actually went for my second live stand up comedy when I was in Penang late last year. Prior to this, I only watched the stand up on YouTube. First stand up we watched was by Ongals, from Korea.

Last year we held a comedy workshop for Malaysian media, in conjunction with a campaign we worked on. We got to know the comedy trainer. He told us, it is hard to survive in the comedy business, without a good team to help you to research and draft the materials. He gave examples of Russel Peters, Dr. Jason Leong etc.

It is true.

The content is important.

I also think the person who delivers it also equally important.

I remember hearing the comedian asking the audience which toilet they think she go to, during the performance last night. She went on to say that one song wives need to sing to husbands, which is former PM’s wife favourite.

I think the materials, content should be timely.

Well, I am not a comedian.