Holy City

A view of Pushkar from the cable car.

We were at Vatican City of Christian in 2017.

2019, we arrived at Pushkar, The Holy City of Hindus, in Rajasthan.

While planning out our itinerary with the guides, we spoke about our interest in arts, cultural and religions. Not that we are super religious, as we love to visit places of worship for various religions, whenever we can.

Cable car operators taking a break sitting next to the pot of fire, as it was really cold during the visit.

So the guide suggested Rajasthan with an itinerary to visit Brahma Temple, which is located at the Holy City of Hindus.

According to Wikipedia, it is a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs. Therefore the city forbids consumption of meats and alcohol.

The waiting area of the cable car

Pushkar is popular for its Pushkar Fair, an annual camel fair, a platform to sell and buy the best camel from around the world, held in October and November every year.

Pretty empty waiting lounge or area, ideally with some information about Savitri Temple would be nice.
The exit, with the Brahma Temple and its surrounding at the background.
Cable car operator putting and arranging the passengers according to size, weights.

It is generally dry and desert feel at most time. It is cold now, as well as during our visit.

A view of Pushkar from the cable car.
The cable car arrivals.

The most popular temple in Pushkar is Brahma Temple, which is most sacred for the Hindus and Sikhs. We did not enter the temple due to some reasons which I chose not to disclose.

We took the cable car up to the hill where the Savitri Temple, located at Ratnagiri Hill. We saw it while we were staying at Rawai Luxury Tents, quite an amazing view at night, even though the service stops at 7pm daily. The lighting were for the pilgrimage whom visit the temple after the cable car service ends for the day, there are steps one could climb as well as return.

The cable car service comes every 10-15minutes depending on the crowd. We went at a low season, so the wait would be slightly longer, as the service only has 6 cars. So we need to wait for the last visitors to return then only we could head up, vice versa.

The wait could be boring, as the wait area has nothing much to look at, neither any information about the temple nor the hill is available. So, we walked a bit, bordering the staff, chatting to get more information about the hill, well, English is not their strength, we went to sit.

The ride took about 5-8 minutes to reach the top. It was not as scary as the ride in Langkawi, which was my last cable car ride, not to mention the Sentosa cable car ride, which was like a ski ride, short distant, so was all right (LOL).

Savitri Temple is kind of small, it is dedicated to Brahma’s wife ~ Savitri.

Brahma Temple is next to the lake, his wife overseeing from the hill. You could see the lake from the hill, which is magnificent. Ideally visit during a clear day so you would not miss the view. Otherwise, you could see only fog.

The temple, like many other Hindu temples receives many donations from the believers, from every where in the world. Many of them had their names carved on the marble stones laid on the floor.

Always beware of the monkeys around the cable car entrance and exit, they are aggressive, and many visitors have left the wooden sticks to chase the monkeys away. Sometimes, they will grab from the pockets, handbags etc. We saw one monkey managed to snatch a pilgrim wallet. Animal snatch. Kind of freaky no.

According to the visitors, sometimes, the monkeys snatch the cameras too. So Ariel and I held on tight to our Leicas.

After the temple up on the hill, we proceeded to the bazaar where the Brahma Temple is located.

Savitri Temple, where the donations are being channeled to.
Wishes tied to the fence of Savitri Temple.
After several times of mentioning spectacular, amazing, I will describe it again here.
Savitri Temple facing Brahma Temple. You can see the tracks where one could walk up instead of using the cable car.
Some chose to walk up and down instead.
He or she came to snatch what you have.
We were heading up, they were heading down.

Met some friendly traders and some not so.

Of course also encountered cows everywhere, camels and goats too.

Bought some stuff and then we headed back to Jaipur.

Given a choice, we will return to walk the whole Pushkar Lake area to witness more of the believers worshipping the gods. Some day.