Brave Tiny Dancer ~ How We Each Other Together (at times)

Inez, seen getting ready for a dance.

There have been far too many times we seen and witnessed how 1 person holds everyone together.

Sometimes, we assumed that family holds one another together, strong.

However, that is not often the case.

Inez, performing a dance for grandmother, in conjunction with her birthday.

Recently we seen the cracks in certain relationship, which have been great for longest time. Just like Trump and Kim Jung Un.

Sometimes, we tolerate people for their shortfalls, shortcomings. We tolerated because of love.

However, love does not last forever. It could slowly disappear.

Whoever you are, you know I am or may be speaking about you. Life is short, I chose to live happily, than the opposite.

We will continue to teach our kids to hold each other strong, and even stronger, because we have witnessed how siblings will betray one another later in life over gains, no one could comprehend.

All of us, with our mother.

We have let our kids witnessed how families that hold everyone together is very much stronger.