Charming town, some chose to screw you

Pigeons, feeding and flying.

Love visiting older towns, simply of the old charms which we do not find in the newly developed cities. Whenever we can, we will make some time to explore places in places we visit.

Jalan Dolby, Johor Bahru is quite a charming town.

It is really close to the Johor-Singapore causeway, so you can expect many Singaporeans here.

Hua Mui Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips. Tasted normal, nothing special.

We parked our car nearby most of the banks and walked about. Searching for something to eat, since dinner was still some time away.

Retna suggested we go to Hua Mui, supposedly famous for western food and Hainan cuisine. There is nothing much to share here, since the food was flat normal.

The many goldsmith and shops in Johor Bahru.

I wanted to have some Chinese herbal tea, since I had cold that time.

“The base herbal tea is RM6, the powder selection, RM10, RM20 and RM30, which one you want?” the stall operator asked.

“What are the differences?” I asked.

“Haiyah, the more expensive the better la, like that also you need to ask?” she replied impatiently.

I went off.

Kind of pissed – not getting the herbal tea, and difficult to make choices, one that based on price. Instead of functionality.

Flowers In The Windows, one of our favourite hang outs in Johor Bahru.

Well done aunties.

We stopped by Flowers In The Windows for short hang outs, then spotted The Ice Cream Project, which we decided to come back later.