My first visit to Vietnam, DaNang

He controls the traffic at Hoi An, an ancient city which in the 80s, where it is announced as the UNESCO heritage site. Daily, the roads are closed for walking as well as bicycle only.

Sin Chow, means hello in Vietnamese.

Unlike in Japan, Italy, Thailand and India, we learn some simple communicable sentences while we were in a country. Anyway, to be fair, our time in Vietnam, in DaNang was rather short.

The client arranged a ride to fetch me from the airport upon my arrival. The driver is Nang, friendly person whom introduced me to DaNang, the bridges, people, as well as traffic police.

I was in DaNang for a regional work meeting, and the nice client has asked or rather offered if I would like to extend my stay for the weekend, of course the expenses would be on me. I checked with Retna if she would like to join me on Friday. As my meeting finished in the evening.

many motorcycles on the road, almost every where, the most common mode of transport in DaNang.

Some information about DaNang.

A walk at the beach nearby FourPoints by Sheraton. A family were moving the boats off the sea, due to the strong current.

Used to be and still an important port for Vietnam, as it is located nearby the South China Sea. Also the Air Force based in this part of Vietnam as I could see very active Air Force activities while I was in the area.

Two gents sitting outside their home, drinking tea and beer, having snacks.
It is lovely to sit around the river in Hoi An. I was walking around the client hosted dinner venue which is next to the river.
People love to sit around, chat, have some beer, some food too.
Some love to sit around, but not mingling.
The trishaw operators taking a break, when not pushing someone around in the Hoi An.

DaNang, in a way, has a rather long beach line, which is ideal for hotels and vacation homes in the areas. There are many hotels from no star rating to 5 stars all along the main coast road of DaNang.

You would see many foreigners running on the coast road, which is ideal for the exercise fanatics.

I choose to chill at the beach, or rather to walk about together with Retna, as well as to photograph what I could see.

Many loves to walk about the Hoi An with the traditional outfits. In the pictures are Korean ladies.
A walk at the beach nearby FourPoints by Sheraton. A family were moving the boats off the sea, due to the strong current.

Not everyone is friendly at DaNang nor Hoi An in terms of street photography. Some pointed their palms to the camera. So proceed with care. Of course with respect as well.

We spent some time at DaNang, mainly the FourPoints By Sheraton Hotel, which I had some issues with the way how they dealt with our complaints. But we are cool, since we probably only going there once.

We ended up spending our whole Saturday at Hoi An, and perhaps some parts of Friday night there too.

It is a charming city, if you love the heritage, arts and the beautiful scenery which, seriously attractive to people whom love to instagram their travel.

The small city is colourful. Almost all the shop lots are with the flowers growing above their roofs.

We also took some time off to chill at cafe. In fact a few of them, for Vietnamese coffee. They tasted good, but really sweet. So I could only have like maximum of 2, before I opted for regular long black, or espresso.

It is family friendly, overall.

Retna, taken at a small valley in Hoi An. Just like Bangkok, each valley is generally filled with surprises.
We were at the centre of Hoi An, where the cross junction is located. The shops are decorated with flowers. Really nice.

Few things I do not really like about DaNang, and Hoi An.

The Grab fares are generally higher than taxi fares. However, taxi fares, you need to negotiate. So, sometimes could ended up the same.

A great evening to chill in Hoi An.
Sitting alone at the river side, waiting for the client hosted dinner to begin. Also managed to try the local brewed beer, known as Tie-Tie. Tasted gingerly.

The Hoi An, while it is charming, the people aren’t. They are seriously after the tourists. If you buy something from them, then you are nice. Otherwise, if you do not.

In terms of customer service, Vietnamese seems kind of behind of Thai. The way they speak, you could mistaken they were about to cause a fight.

Currently only AirAsia flies directly to DaNang.

The town is also filled with Korean, I guess Vietnamese tourism must have done quite a bit of promotion in Korea, bravo.

Food is reasonably nice. Price is reasonably low.

Should you come to DaNang, to be fare, I think you should. If you love beach holiday. But, here is the but. Generally you can not swim in the sea, due to the rip current. So, just enjoying the beach, without actual swimming.