Simple Greenery Lunch Venue

Great food, is always hidden from the main attraction.

A simple stall in Lorong Jugra, sometimes I love to sit on the stool, eating alone.

‘Keong Ko’ or ‘强哥’ has been at where he is with his wife for like 20 plus years. A stall hidden in some place in Old Klang Road, some where on the Lorong Jugra, on a hill of Taman Desa, is where most weekends we will be for lunch, or brunch.

We were first introduced by our dear friend at cell group, Spike Selva, he took us there for late breakfast after a morning prayer walk in Taman Desa and surrounding area, like 15 years or more back.

Then we went there to discovered our dear dentist and dental surgeon, Dr. Marcus Liew, is also a regular here, with his dad.

The water sprinkling system was on to cool down the heat.

We always enjoy dining here, partly the consistent food produced by Keong and his wife. Also enjoy sometimes listening to his travel adventures during each Chinese New Year long break. From abroad to local. Just so much fun.

Inez, brought a book to read while waiting for the lunch to be served

Inez loves the Wan Tan Noodle Soup here, she said, “Only this place and one in Puchong I would have the Wan Tan Noodle. The rest of the time, I will choose something else, else where,”

It is good that he has his son to help him and perhaps taking over, I believe in stages.

Just Google Ah Keong Lorong Jugra, the app would take you there.