Places where we learn how to be human, again

I have not been to that many countries just yet.

Those that I have been to, some I like, some I dislike. Some places, they change the way how I am, how I behave, how I see life differently.

When I was in Japan, I realised just how small we are, insignificant in many things, and how then from the insignificant, we could work together, making the nation great.

Japanese are clean (in general) and generally minding their own business. During the train rides in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka as well as Nagoya, I seldom hear any sound, other than from the train. It is just quiet. People respect the spaces and privacy.

When I was in Hong Kong, I was reminded not to block the ‘world’ as I was walking in the tourist speed. They do not like to be slow down.

Cambodians are just so relax and chill. I remember the airport border control officers were on tea break, when we got there, so all of us got to wait for them to return.

I especially love Rajasthan, which we went recently.

The wait staff at one of the palace hotel we stayed. He smiled whenever he met us.
Security personnel at Pink City, whom was managing the traffic into the city.
Traffic controller at Agra, on an outlet we were visiting.
A shoe shop operator and owner in Pink City, talking to me about the shoes.

Gent enjoying his breakfast at Pink City.
Seller of worship offerings at Brahma Temple, Pushkar.
Kind of late in Pushkar, where the mechanic helped the rider to replace the punctured wheel.
Barber at Pushkar, completing the final touches.
Father and son at a shop in Pushkar.
Sharing a ride in Pushkar.
A group of ladies walking to Brahma Temple in Pushkar.
Heading to Brahma Temple, Pushkar.
Striking saree colours.
Partly visible faces, Pushkar.
Heading home, work, Jaipur.
There is so much room for colours!
Couple, having their wedding photography done at Pink City.
A group of Gurus I met in Jaipur, whom are from Chiang Mai.