Attended a Leica Talk session organised and hosted by Leica Store Malaysia, Avenue K.

Session featuring Khair Mahfar, a seasoned Leica photography master, as he was introduced.

A smiley wet market crew delivering stocks to clients.

Some background about Khair Mahfar, or famously known as Mr. K or Master K.

Khair Mahfar  is an ex-stockbroker who said he got burnt out after 20 years in the presure cooker that is the stock market. He retired early to dedicate himself to traveling to exotic places & to  photography (Taken from PhotoSafari).

More about him.

He was featured in Cars, Bikes and Trucks (CBT, during Yamin’s time, now Motorme portal), he loves Merc and of course Leica.

Some take home key learning from Mr. K’s session.


Simplification – looking at the objects, subjects you want to capture, simplify the content in the frame.

EXclusion – check what can be included, and what to exclude.


Feel Adjust Read just Take ~ as simple as his theory is, photography is all about feel, and finally take the scene or memory or moment down.

He covered photographs he has taken in Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Tibet etc. What I really like is India, Vietnam and Myanmar. India, because he covered Rajasthan. Yep, I just went there during CNY.

Vietnam, the northern part, which coincidently during one of our lunch conversation, we just spoke about northern Vietnam, Mr. K’s photographs of the place, wow, stunning.

He also covered the Bayon Temple in Siem Reap, which I visited last year. Leica went out of battery, I captured most of my pictures there, using iPhone X.

River of Life, Saturday morning.
TRX, from Pudu.
Man’s fashion.
Hui Ting for someone.