Retna introduced me to Tyler, the Creator.

Elijah reinforced Tyler, the Creator music into me.

Retna, later makes me to pay even more attention to Tyler, the Creator even more, when she shown me his performance on Tiny Desk by NPR. The charisma of Tyler, the Creator is amazing.

With the many millions views on his performance at Tiny Desk, I guess many people like his music.

I would say I was not totally convinced when I first heard Flower Boy. More so, Retna and Elijah have been showing more of Golf, Tyler the Creator’s fashion line. Once Retna told me she was disappointed that the Converse shoes designed by Tyler the Creator was ran out instantly. I have been thinking about GOLF tee after I noticed the guitarist of Slowly Slowly was wearing it during the performance. Ok Slowly Slowly does a really rocking good version of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love.

I read that he said he was having hard time to get on radio, to have them play his songs. Well, with so much profanity, that was only obvious. However, I guess IGOR, is not so much a radio track, although, I find Earfquake, with Playboi Carti could be a track which many would fall in love with. Maybe that was why Tyler, the Creator has put this track up on YouTube.

Tyler, the Creator may have no luck with radio, but he does with social media.

In one of his many live performances, he once told the audience to stop recording him on their phones, and start enjoying his music.

A Boy Is A Gun, relates well with Luke Cage season 1 as well as many black incidents, ‘don’t shoot me down, take your hoodie off, why you hide your face from me?

You so motherfuckin’ dangerous

I also like What’s Good. The rhythm, I could already imagine how Tyler, the Creator would dance to it.

Of course to appreciate Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR, I decided to listen to IGOR, over and over again, since in the morning while I was doing the chaos at home.

He ends his IGOR with Are We Still Friends?

Yes, we are cool.