Participated in special preview of Nissan LEAF for Electric Vehicles Club Malaysia two weeks back.

As stated, no emission

I attended due to my curiosity of the electric car, wanted to know the practicality as well as feasibility. I enjoyed the session hosted by Edaran Tan Chong Motors team as well as meeting people who are the experts of electric cars.

I have chatted with many in the group, it is good to meet the people in person. Also, I know very little about electric cars.  
So, this post here, are my opinions about LEAF. 
1) I do not like Nissan, neither Tan Chong, though I am also a Tan myself, I would not tell you why 
2) LEAF has a design, which appeals to certain group of buyers, but, not me. It is not futuristic enough to pay RM188,888 or more with insurance 
3) LEAF seems left behind in terms of technology. Consumers are used to technology such as connectivity, it has no app, neither anything that is connected. Maybe, this is good from cyber security point of view 
4) 3 years of privilege programme, after that, no more? Seriously Tan Chong Motors, such short sighted plan you got? Only privilege you addressed is to overcome the anxiety of driving longer distances? Maybe should have spent that money to build more charging stations?  
5) RM3,200 per month for ownership (over 5 years) or RM3,500 per month through subscription model, is definitely not speaking most Malaysian buyers, more so, the bottom of the M40. This is like a go-to-pasar car for T20’s maid(s)
6) For the love of the environment, by compromising on everything else like designs, practicality, I would say seriously hard sell 
7) Charging challenge. I foresee, the kids inside LEAF would constantly asking the parents, are we there yet (the charging station)? The charging standard, today I learn about CSS and CHAdeMO. Only 3 super fast charging stations in Peninsular? 7 hours to charge using the given wall box charger or 21 hours through the 3-PIN socket plug. I almost fell off my seat hearing 21 hours. It is like, whole day not able to use the car (if you are expecting to drive longer than 200km) 

Only thing I find is nice about this car, the gear shifter