I joined #LuBikin stool stringing workshop by Kedai Bikin

I love to learn new things.

I followed #Musotree on Instagram, as well as Kerol, the owner of the travel lifestyle magazine, and through the algorithm of Instagram (and Facebook), I also discovered Kedai Bikin.

Saw it’s workshop series 02 – LU BIKIN SENDIRI, stringing workshop, and signed up, for RM325 per session.

Before we get into the stringing workshop, we have similar string furnitures at my family flat, for some years. I think the plastic string is bouncy to sit on, and of course to sleep on with the lazy chair design.

I also remember my grandparents houses in Ipoh & Bukit Mertajam also had string furnitures, with my late grandfather, using one as his office chair.

String stool, on the 50+ year-old rug

The string furnitures at our old flat, family houses are bought at like before RM50 or RM100 depending on the sizes. My brother and mother got rid of all of them after my late father passed away. By the way, he had heart attack and died on the string lazy chair. He was watching TV, and I was in the room studying.

My late uncles and cousins got rid of all the string furnitures after our late grandparents passed.

So, as you can see, no one in the family go with the nostalgic sentiments. Perhaps only me. I have asked my late grandmothers, then late uncles about the old marble tables which my late grandmother said my mother could have it. Until today, we could locate where this table is, and I have a feeling, someone has taken it or thrown it.

We once saw a dragon pot at a old neighbourhood in Old Klang Road, spoke to the tenant and was told the owner of the house thrown it here, and when we asked if she would be ok to take RM100 for it, she said others have offered her RM1,000. So we left her offer as it was. Last week when I went by the area again, the house is vacant and the dragon pot is still there, abandoned.

Different angle of the stool

We found similar pot at a old junk shop in Taiping, and bought it at a reasonable amount.

Back to the workshop.

About 10 of us joined and I am not sure how often Kedai Bikin does the workshops. But they could be new, as the workshop is kind of messy.

The workshop has not much of an introduction. We did not really see what we were making, the end product, and of course the process of making it. I guess the workshop has not much of a direction to make it exciting.

There was not much flow. The proper steps in terms of where, how and what to start first. As the process flow could be complicated for some, especially the non-DIY folks. The workshop had of 8 female and 2 male participants. I got most of the starting parts wrong, so I decided to observed the correct steps before I moved on.

Showing and teaching are not as easy as it seems. I remember joining the terrarium class conducted by Retna, for our kids. She went through the processes, flow, things to watch out, as well as items to use. So at this workshop, the participants needed to ask the instructor(s) at almost each steps.

Patterns, are something really subjective. I did not know the various methods which could be used to string the stool (of what we used as a base). I guess the workshop failed to explain the methods, styles, patterns clearly, so the participants could imagine the styles, color combination used on the string.

Also I did not comment this to the team, I find the colours of the string, kind of dull, cream and grey.

So should you join?

Perhaps, you can skip this.