I wish I could explore more.

Car abandoned, at the flat car park.

I took a train with no particular direction, as I had about an hour to spare.

Instead of the regular places that I would walk to, explore, I decided to randomly hop on a train, and explore the places which I could see and visit, in that one hour.

The ASTRO satellite dishes, main source of entertainment.

So I came off the station at PPR Kampung Muhibbah. BTW, PPR stands for Program Perumahan Rakyat.

From what I remember, when my father enquired with the city council about renting a unit when we were about to be chased out by the land lord at our old flat, due to my parents unable to pay the monthly rent.

I overheard from my father that thew rent was below RM100 a month.

I checked on a property site, PPR Kampung Muhibbah is RM800 a month.

The walkway to homes.

I briefly walked about the area, which I have been to before. There are many blocks of flats, so I went to a different blocks, which I presumed are the older ones.

Walked up the stairs, was pranked by a group of kids, whom wanted to scare me pretending to be ghost. I think they were pretty convincing, until I heard, “Orang Jepun takut hantu!”

And immediately I knew, they are not ghost.

Walked a bit, then it began to rain. So I walked over some units, and again, kids pranked me. My understanding, kids love to play. That, would probably be a durian runtuh day for these kids, with me. Anyway, they did not do anything to me.

I walked further, this time, at the ground floor, then a cigarette butt came down, landed next to me. Looked up, realised that next maybe something else will be coming down. So I walked under shades.

There is really nothing much to do at these blocks as there is no playground, neither any place for kids to hang out.

Two blocks.

I suppose the people designed and built the Program Perumahan Rakyat are not staying here. Just like the buses, trains etc, by people who do not use them.

Many years ago, while only these blocks were here, I remember seeing a nice gentlemen hosting futsal for the kids living there. My in-law told me the kind soul did it for free. Later I was told he was beaten because the parents did not like him coaching their kids.

The flat I was growing in also almost similar to these, except no lifts. The stairs are always dirty and dark. I have seen couple having sex at the stairway at night, older male masturbating, kids smoking, pick-pocket scrambling the items they stole and fights. My father was attacked and almost died at the same stairway.

The rain stopped, and I got on the train, an hour is almost up.