Food haven, Subang Jaya

Char Kuay Teow, Lorong Salamat version (from Penang).

Julia met her biological mother during Chinese New Year, and on the way home, we went over to Mei Sek Subang Jaya for brunch. Mei Sek is always heavily patronised with no table available. And, no one is there to direct the traffic for seats. So you are on your own.

However, being Malaysian, we will always ask politely, “Can we share the table with you?”

A nice family of three offered us the seats. They asked if I am Japanese or Korean, I said, “Chinese,”

“Oh, you from Singapore?” she asked.

“Malaysian Chinese, born here.” I smiled.

That was how the conversation started with then the family told us what is nice at Mei Sek as well as De Happy Land, which is located a row behind where we were.

“The Penang Char Kuay Teow, Lorong Salamat is the best. But you need to have patience, cause the cook fries the dish individually, not in large batch.” she added.

Couple handling the Char Kuay Teow.

We came back on the following week, tried it, and it was really good.

Tried Aunty Sally Yong Tau Foo as well, which I think she really knows how to create varieties and it turns out really well.

Quite a tasty Yong Tau Foo by Aunty Sally.