The Stroke Games, A First in Malaysia

A pro-bono public relations project by About Communication Sdn Bhd, we chose to support the good cause of National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM), to organise a media session to introduce its first ever Stroke Games in Malaysia. Janet, the Founder Chairman of the association was former owner of the PR agency Retna was attached […]

Orchid Introduces Sazzy Falak As Brand Ambassador

Intimate feminine hygiene is a subject that girls and women shy away from discussing because of our upbringing, cultural and social mores, and self-confidence issues. However, girls and women need to address intimate feminine hygiene openly and in an environment where they feel safe to ask difficult questions and to seek advice as it is […]

Visiting National Zoo, This Time, For Inez Special

I think our daughter is a lobbyist.  Or rather potential to be one. For past few weeks, she has been telling me and Retna, she forgot how a lion, tiger, elephant or giraffe look like, even though she has been to the zoo to see them before.  The most recent visit, being beginning of this […]

Back at Sabah for my eighth visit with Ayam Brand

It feels good to be back again to Sabah, and this would be my eighth visit with Ayam Brand, since we work on this project. The time flies really fast, and I always enjoy meeting the Ayam Brand team in Sabah as well as, of course the respective charity organisation.  Every year the program will […]

The 9th CSR Initiative for Ayam Brand in Sarawak

It is the 8th CSR initiative to take place in Sarawak and it is good to be back again with the Ayam Brand team to work on the annual campaign to give back to the community. This time round, we will be traveling to East Malaysia, with some rather extensive schedule.  Yep, why I said […]