There are days, I think of giving up. Thank you @retnavijayan for the gift.

I have a guitar, which @retnavijayan bought for me 16 years ago, I still have it in 1 piece, great condition and occasionally we will sit at the car porch to strumming, sing some songs. That guitar was my Christmas gift. When I was asked if I would like another guitar for my birthday present, […]

Bintang Antabax Bersama Servay Launched!

Antabax, a reliable and trusted antibacterial personal range is collaborating with leading hypermarket Servay to discover talented Sabahans through the ‘Bintang Antabax Bersama Servay’ star search campaign. The campaign, which will run June 18 to August 16, 2015 will offer a platform for Sabahans to be discovered and possibly receive a contract with well-known celebrity management and production powerhouse […]