• Malaysian Record Attempt for Most Number of Anti-Virus for Mobile Devices Activated in an Event

    Kaspersky Lab, a global cybersecurity company is celebrating its 20thanniversary and is attempting to set a Malaysian record for the Most Number of Anti-Virus for Mobile Devices Activated in an Event. The brand is set to partner with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) to educate and encourage students  about the urgent need to protect their digital assets and identity; beginning with their mobile devices. The brand is targeting to secure 1,500 devices with its Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Kaspersky Password Managers for iOS devices on June 5thin the university college. Malaysian digital sales trends mirror global sales with smart phones having a 54.2% market share compared…

  • Fake Facebook sites

    In the first quarter of 2018, Kaspersky Lab’s anti-phishing technologies prevented more than 3.6 million attempts to visit fraudulent social network pages, of which 60% were fake Facebook pages. The results, according to Kaspersky Lab’s report, ‘Spam and phishing in Q1 2018’, demonstrate that cybercriminals are still doing what they can to get their hands on personal data. Social network phishing is a form of cybercrime that involves the theft of personal data from a victim’s social network account. The fraudster creates a copy of a social networking website (such as a fake Facebook page), and tries to lure unsuspecting victims to it, forcing them to give up their personal…

  • Kaspersky Lab moving core infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

    As part of its Global Transparency Initiative, Kaspersky Lab is adapting its infrastructure to move a number of core processes from Russia to Switzerland. This includes customer data storage and processing for most regions, as well as software assembly, including threat detection updates. To ensure full transparency and integrity, Kaspersky Lab is arranging for this activity to be supervised by an independent third party, also based in Switzerland. The Global Transparency Initiative, announced in October 2017, reflects Kaspersky Lab’s ongoing commitment to assuring the integrity and trustworthiness of its products. The new measures are the next steps in the development of the initiative, but they also reflect the company’s commitment…

  • Avoid playing bad cop among kids

    The risks associated with growing up in an online world are not only giving parents a headache, but the time their children are spending online is a real cause for concern. As a result, a third of parents curb the amount of time their children spend on the Internet, to protect them from online dangers. But there are other steps parents can take to minimise the risks and help their children make the most of all the positive things that the digital world can offer.

  • Crouching Yeti

    Kaspersky Lab has uncovered infrastructure used by the well-known Russian-speaking APT group Crouching Yeti, also known as Energetic Bear, which includes compromised servers across the world. According to the research, numerous servers in different countries were hit since 2016, sometimes in order to gain access to other resources. Others, including those hosting Russian websites, were used as watering holes.

  • Roaming Mantis Detected, Beware Especially Smartphone Users in Asia

    Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a new Android malware distributed through a domain name system (DNS) hijacking technique and targeting smartphones, mostly in Asia. The campaign, dubbed Roaming Mantis remains highly active and is designed to steal user information including credentials and to provide attackers with full control over the compromised Android device. Between February and April 2018, researchers detected the malware in over 150 user networks, mainly in South Korea, Bangladesh, and Japan, but there are likely to be many more victims. Researchers believe a cybercriminal group looking for financial gain is behind the operation.

  • I am sucker for Bellroy

    I bought in total 6 Bellroy wallets, with 1 as a birthday gift to our brother.  I am not fancy user of wallet.  I have been long time using TUMI leather wallet, which I bought when I was in Japan for the first time.  It lasted for many years.  Prior to that, I have been using wallets from Marks & Spencer.  I discovered Bellroy by chance, through online ads. I bought the Hide and Seek, which I still have the wallet until today.  Then I picked up cycling, I opted for something could keep my phone as well as function as a wallet. Later, I found that I wanted something…