Pudu Breakfast.

When I was 10, our neighbours brought back 2 packs of Hakka Noodle from Pudu. She told me roughly when the stall is that time, I could vaguely remember the location. So after many years, I could still remember the taste of that Hakka Noodle, with the fried pork oil, minced pork, char Siew (caramelise […]

Balai Seni Lukis. NegaraKu.

For 2016, I spent some days visiting National Arts gallery, which was formerly known as National Visual Arts Gallery, to look at the many artworks done there.  Few of them were my personal favourite, the old photographs of ladies living in Malaysia, artworks to demonstrate how human kills as well as white clothes, which Inez […]

Leica D-LUX.

Somethings happened by chance, just like us meeting Leica, and then owning one, and love using it.  We attended a customer dinner hosted by the bank, while many things there were from Germany, including the BMW, handbags, luxury products etc, not many visited Leica, so we did, since I love taking photographs.  The product specialist […]