• After so long, we paid PJ Library a visit, discouraged

    We stopped the library for 3 months, while our twins were preparing for the UPSR. Well, the UPSR is over and they are having their really long 47 school holiday break, we brought them as well as the daughter to Petaling Jaya Community Library once again. At the entrance, I noticed some sort of facelifting has been done to the reception counter.  With 3 counter personnel.  Looks like improvement (of at first glance).  

  • Hands of Health, Across the Nation

    Antabax, an antibacterial personal care range and the Ministry of Health Malaysia joined forces for the second consecutive year to raise awareness and accelerate handwashing behavior change on a national scale through the 1Malaysia Hand Hygiene Month campaign, a mammoth health preparedness program that will reach more than 3 million people this year.

  • Reaching Out to More

    1Malaysia Hand Hygiene Month was extended to the folks at Semasa Sentral or better known as KL Sentral on the end of October.  The hand hygiene workshop was organised by Antabax, presented by Hospital Sungai Buloh and attended by the team from KL Sentral and tenants. Very informative session as the attendees learn about importance of hand wash, hand sanitise as well as overall food hygiene. Look out for more updates, soon.

  • Lee Kum Kee Sponsors 2nd Annual Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Competition

    LEE KUM KEE, the leading supplier of authentic Chinese sauces announced that it will be the main sponsor of the 2nd Annual Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Competition that is jointly organized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia & the Ku Su Shin Choong Hung Restaurant Association (KUSU), here, today. LEE KUM KEE is a brand with an amazing 122 years of heritage. With its mission to let everyone to enjoy the delectable and sophisticated art of Chinese cooking, LEE KUM KEE is actively involved in education, competition, seminars indirectly and directly in the culinary arena. These efforts will help to elevate the Chinese culinary in Malaysia to new heights.

  • 1Malaysia iPhone/iPod Touch App

    Thanks @ian_cheong for the heads up. I was wondering what could possibly be an application that speaks well of 1Malaysia, then Ian posted the tweet of which I decided to installed it on the iPhone to see how I could have the similar 1Malaysia spirit. The interesting app is developed by Infindo Technology. Well, in fact it is like a VirtualMalaysia sandwiched with DBKL live traffic update.  The app does not have any link to message given on 1Malaysia by our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.  But I like the live traffic updates which can saved the day without being trapped in the traffic jam. While listening to…

  • Kaspersky’s 1Malaysia Collectable Stamp

    Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions and POS Malaysia have joined forces to promote the 1Malaysia Concept conceived by the Prime Minister by making limited edition collectable 1Malaysia stamps available to Malaysians while educating them on internet security and the investment potential of limited edition stamps. The launch of the collectable stamps and its availability with the purchase of Kaspersky Lab products was announced in conjunction with the first day of the PIKOM PC Fair III 2009 that kicked off at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, here, today.