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Calls are answered within 20 seconds, otherwise it’s a big mistake for call centre

In a recent Time article, I read an interesting article – Follow the Leaders.  What captured my attention was the instant noodle in China market, as we are working on a client in the similar industry.  Then, I saw the following from an online travel reservation site.  I will share with you what I have experienced after dinner with mom this evening.

When Ctrip customers dial in, their calls are answered within 20 seconds. “Otherwise it’s a big, big mistake for our call centers,”James L. Tang, vice president of sales and marketing says.  Ctrip is an online travel reservation based in China, holding 54% of China’s online travel market by revenue.

My mom and I had dinner at TGIF, IOI Mall.  I never fancy with TGIF wait personnel kind of ordering approach.  During the billing, I passed my debit card and it took a while for it to come back.  So when the wait personnel brought the bill over, he informed me that debit card transaction was not successful.  So, I need to either pay cash or use another card.  I passed him cash.

Then, the similar wait personnel came back and told me, he forgot to charge me another RM9.10 for the Iced Lemon Tea.  So, two separate bills with RM9.10 and RM68.80.  So earlier I passed the wait personnel RM70, now I passed him another RM10.

My mom told me the total was RM77.90, and let’s wait for the change of RM0.10.  I said, “Ok, good.”  Well, the change never comes, even though it was RM0.10.  Unless TGIF practiced no change policy, otherwise, I think even though it was RM0.10, TGIF should provide the change.  Anyway, when I asked for the receipt, it took a while for the wait personnel to find it.  I suppose the change would have been some where, with some one.  My visit to TGIF, probably.

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