• When everyone can fly, everyone can treat you like shit

    Cabin view of the recent flight I boarded, an AirAsia flight. If given a choice, generally the clients would advise us to NOT board an AirAsia flight.  Reasons being, delayed and safety. The delay, I understood.  There were a few times some of the media, our colleagues and even clients boarded the AirAsia flights were late for the events, due to the flight delayed.  To be fair, the delay sometimes were due to weather, and ground control.  I am pretty sure AirAsia team would have done all they can to ensure punctuality.   So in terms of safety, this is subjective.  But after my recent flight with AirAsia to Penang,…

  • I Remember Why We Don’t Send Kids Somewhere Else During School Holiday

    While our sons were about four, we sent them few times in a year to visit their grandmother in Johor Bahru.  They will travel alone via MAS, as AirAsia does not take in minor travel unaccompanied. First time when our sons went to Johor Bahru, we did not get the return ticket.  As we thought they might want to stay there longer. Well, there was one occasion that Elijah was pretty good in answering us when he is coming back.  “I will be back next Sunday.” After the next Sunday, he will again tell us, “I will be back next Sunday.” Seems like a good training on being independent.

  • Whatever the situation, He is there

    Sometimes we wonder why one has to go through difficult situation or scene that one does not expect.  However, after reading Book of Esther 3, 4, 5 & 6, it is clear that things happened so that one would or could see God’s presence clearly.  Or, simply, He exists.