• Better Call Saul

    I am a Breaking Bad fan.  Not because I love MET, nope.  No way. But I love the characters development in a series of which AMC is not focusing on sex, pretty faces, good looking people etc in a great show.  Rather on the story development, how something could lead to something else, affecting the whole way how series could be developed into. I believe it is really hard now for Mr. White, aka Bryan Cranston to be in any other movies or TV series, ok, his performance in Godzilla sucks. 

  • Just Got #FUD by #HaltAndCatchFire

    I am a fan of #MadMen and #BreakingBad, so when #AMC announced #HaltAndCatchFire, with a synopsis of sales pitching, charming personnel of doing the impossible, and probably a bit of a #SteveJobs confident, and #BreakingBad challenges faced and solving them approaches, I was hooked to watch it. However. after the 2 episode, I am sort of, I can have a happier Monday night without watching this. Why?