• (Several) One Night In Bangkok

    We were in Bangkok in September for a short trip.  Decided to come back again during Christmas.  Wanting to experience the Christmas atmosphere at a city of which would expect the most influx of tourists during the Christmas and New Year period. The journey leaving Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 was a breeze, thinking the airport would be packed.  Anyway, it was packed. However, the MAHB and the airline companies have done a good job in ensuring all passengers welfare are taken off.  Though the toilet lines are rather long, especially for female.  The security checking was smooth, as compared to two weeks ago I was at the same airport.…

  • After a great getaway

    It is only fare that we come back to the reality of life – work, make money to feed the family, kids, taking care of the kids, sending them to schools, although they hate schools, feed them food, make them meals, take them around, learning together blah blah blah. But it is good to be away, although for a really short duration, as it reflects on our lives what we may have missed out, during the busyness.