• Saving The World.

    As it celebrates its 20-year anniversary, global cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab has seen one man’s mission grow into a global crusade against cybercrime. With innovation and vision at its heart, this year will see Kaspersky Lab take its fight to new heights – launching key initiatives such as the adaptive Kaspersky Security Cloud and the Kaspersky OS – to empower businesses and consumers to protect themselves from ever-evolving threats. From its Earth 2050 project, revealing what the future cyberthreat landscape might look like, through to its Sound of Safety experiment, which investigates the sounds people associate with the feeling of safety, Kaspersky Lab remains one step ahead of criminals, and…

  • We were young, and still young

    It was 13 years ago, when we concluded our bachelor kind of lives together, and committed to each other for life, till death do us part, marriage which we received blessing from the Lord and our dear mothers. Time flies and so fast, our sons are already 12, going to sit for UPSR and our daughter already in the kindergarten pre-school. We were younger that time, and now we are still young, depending on every aspects of ourselves. We had times that we were very unhappy with each other, we also had times were annoyed with one another, until we thought we made the bad decision. God is just, we…

  • Hari Ini, Ku Rasa Bahagia

    This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Praise the Lord, it’s our 12th anniversary. We have been together longer than that.  But to make that commitment to be with one another and continue to be one another, that is a real God’s grace and blessing. Praise the Lord. The day when we planned for our wedding ceremony, it is also the day when my former employer announced the winding up of the business operation in Malaysia.  But, guess what, we just never know what the Lord has in store for us.  Besides having Retna as my beautiful and loving wife,…

  • Visiting Wedding Venue

    After the lunch at Jalan Gasing, we brought the children to Bible College Malaysia Chapel to visit our wedding ceremony venue. The wedding ceremony was conducted on Saturday, March 3, 2001, which Retna and I had already registered ourselves as husband and wife officially exactly a year ago. We sourced around for a suitable church or chapel for our wedding, as the church we attended that time, does not have a chapel nor sanctuary that is appropriate enough.

  • 九周年纪念~在中華酒樓晚餐

    刚刚在中華酒樓 [Pusat Bandar Puchong]吃晚餐。 Retna点了一道“淡水生虾面”,再加一道“蒸石斑”,振意和振强就点了“豆腐”等。  我们想中華酒樓最出名的面应该是“淡水生虾面”不过了。