• Roaming Mantis Detected, Beware Especially Smartphone Users in Asia

    Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a new Android malware distributed through a domain name system (DNS) hijacking technique and targeting smartphones, mostly in Asia. The campaign, dubbed Roaming Mantis remains highly active and is designed to steal user information including credentials and to provide attackers with full control over the compromised Android device. Between February and April 2018, researchers detected the malware in over 150 user networks, mainly in South Korea, Bangladesh, and Japan, but there are likely to be many more victims. Researchers believe a cybercriminal group looking for financial gain is behind the operation.

  • Hotbeds in Asia, Middle East

    During the first three months of the year, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered a wave of new APT activity based mainly in Asia – more than 30% of Q1 reports were dedicated to threat operations in this region. A peak of activity was also observed in the Middle East with a number of new techniques used by actors. These and other trends are covered in Kaspersky Lab’s latest quarterly threat intelligence summary. In the first quarter of 2018, Kaspersky Lab researchers continued to detect cyber activities by advanced persistent threat (APT) groups speaking languages including Russian, Chinese, English and Korean, among others. And while some well-known actors didn’t show any noteworthy…

  • Asia’s Best Trail Rider Crowned At Malaysia’s First Enduro Mountain Biking Race

    Sweat. Speed. Smiles. 159 participants, representing 19 countries, with an average age of 35, braved five race stages, across 16km of Asia’s finest jungle single track trails, that included technical downhill sections, a flowing series of jumps and 900 metres of energy sapping climbing. 14,000+ views on Facebook. 1,000 litres of Spritzer water. 600 cans of Redbull. 1,300 Ayam Brand sandwiches. Despite over 20 bike mechanical emergencies, there were only 3 stitches given, and 85% of riders finished the race, grinning from ear to ear.

  • Wellness Home Furnishing Concept

    After seeing Cozzia and trying it, this is one range of customisable sofa of which might fits well into many Malaysian homes. Main Board listed OGAWA World Berhad (OGAWA, 5128), is pioneering the ‘wellness home furnishing’ category with the introduction of sofas with massage capabilities. OGAWA World Berhad is principally involved in the product design and development, marketing, retailing, distribution, and servicing of health and wellness equipment as well as supplementary appliances under its own trademark registered brand name, OGAWA, and is best known for its massage chairs, foot massagers and other healthcare equipments.

  • What Would You Do?

    Saw this article in CNET Asia just now.  Begin to wonder that it is pretty common anywhere in the world.  If you want to tell the person who is “yelling” on the phone [although it is just a normal telephone conversation, wonder why they yell], maybe want to assess the danger level before doing it. For me, I think I will just leave it as the person behave that way due to the following:- Suffer serious attention seeking behavior Does not believe in “noise” pollution Con man looking for bait Or, will you practice what Jesus taught in Matthew 5:38-42, parable on “An Eye for An Eye”. Think about it further,…