• The Stroke Games, A First in Malaysia

    A pro-bono public relations project by About Communication Sdn Bhd, we chose to support the good cause of National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM), to organise a media session to introduce its first ever Stroke Games in Malaysia. Janet, the Founder Chairman of the association was former owner of the PR agency Retna was attached to, like 20 years ago.  When contacted by her team, we told Janet, we would love to assist. The rest of the press release can be obtained here. The National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) is organising the first ever Stroke Games in conjunction with its 20th anniversary celebration. To be held on March 4,…

  • Remains of Magic Kingdom + Fantasy (why not all things are real)

    I have always dream of visiting Disneyland, however, after a while, that thought sort dies.  I visited the Disneyland @ Tokyo with @retnavijayan 2 years ago and seriously, we love Universal Studio more than Disneyland.  Some how I do not feel the magic in me.  Perhaps I do not believe in magic, rather the reality. 

  • Learning

    Let’s learn something new, shall we? Maybe life after PR, something for us to do.  

  • CNY Open House by PSLEM

    Our very first time of attending PSLEM’s CNY Open House.  Attended by many of the Lupus patients, family members, supporters and doctors.   There you go, event pictorial.