• Ayam Brand Launches 1st Charity Campaign in Brunei!

    Ayam Brand launches the first charity campaign for Brunei, and we are all excited to be in Brunei with the Ayam Brand team to work on this campaign together.  It is also the first time for me to meet the Ayam Brand team there. We are glad the event went well with the great coordination from many aspects – the venue, logistic, people, charity organisation, food, ingredients etc.  There are just so many things could go wrong, you know, Murphy’s Law.  Thank God, all went smoothly. And I spent majority of my work week in East Malaysia, or famously known as Borneo.  I met interesting people, couple etc outside of…

  • Back at Sabah for my eighth visit with Ayam Brand

    It feels good to be back again to Sabah, and this would be my eighth visit with Ayam Brand, since we work on this project. The time flies really fast, and I always enjoy meeting the Ayam Brand team in Sabah as well as, of course the respective charity organisation.  Every year the program will choose to work and donate the products to different homes, so we won’t be having the same organisation every year, and, it is an important part of this campaign, reaching to even more people in Malaysia. Children from the participating home in this year’s campaign were introduced to Bento, a single-portion home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine…

  • The 9th CSR Initiative for Ayam Brand in Sarawak

    It is the 8th CSR initiative to take place in Sarawak and it is good to be back again with the Ayam Brand team to work on the annual campaign to give back to the community. This time round, we will be traveling to East Malaysia, with some rather extensive schedule.  Yep, why I said extensive, because it would have been over 3 locations, in 3 days.  In the past, we used to do 2 locations over 3-4 days. So this year we worked with The Coffee Factory crew to setup the locations for this media event. It is good to meet some of the homes whom were the recipients…

  • Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce

    Ayam Brand just introduced the cuttlefish with soya sauce earlier this year. If you love Sotong, then you gonna try this. Something interesting about this project, Retna actually drew the Sotong for the client.  The regional creative team took some time to draw one, but then not to the decision maker liking. The client spoke to Retna about finding someone to draw it by hand, then they discovered her wonderful skill of drawing. Here you go, the product packaging, looks so good. 

  • Brain Health

    Our team recently working with client on the subject of anti-ageing. Our client Ayam Brand, many of you know the brand so well because of the sardine, tuna, and do you know that it has coconut oil and milk too? I have been to few well known curry noodle outlets in Pudu, and I am so glad to see that they are using Ayam Brand Santan, aka coconut milk for the tasty curry they make.

  • A healthy bento campaign for East Coast

    I went with my colleague to Kota Bharu for a short day trip, working on a media event for Ayam Brand.  The annual CSR event is now in its 9th year, and we are glad the recipients in East Coast are expecting us with wide open arms. Again, with a setup which needed space and infrastructure to accommodate a group of participants, we did not do the event in a charity home, but at a cafe or restaurant instead. Good to meet most of the recipients in person, although we have been communicated over phone calls, and email for some months.

  • #ayambrandcsr is back in Penang!

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products will be providing 243,000 healthy bento box meals for charity through its annual corporate social responsibility program, for Penang region.  Now in its 9th consecutive year as a nationwide program, the Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign has benefitted more than 16,100 people from 362 charity organizations! For Penang, about 120 kids benefitting from this CSR initiative.  

  • Healthy nutritious meal, learn and prepared by kids

    What most parents would do in stopping their younger kids from entering into the kitchen to assist, simply, the parents worry that the kids may mess up the kitchen as well as slowing the food preparation process. I remember when I was growing up, my mother actually needed us to be in the kitchen, why?  She really needed help.  We did not have fancy kitchen equipments, so a lot more manual and labor work were required in the kitchen.  So my mother will always got me and my elder brother next to her to prepare lunch, dinner.