• Night, Puchong

    After dinner, while waiting for Inez from her ballet class, I walked about, with my Leica.  Just to put what I have learn from sifus such as Mathias Heng, Fulvio Bugani and Izwan Ismail into practice. I have taken pictures of the same place before, but that time I was experimenting the Leica. This time, I came with some ideas of what I wanted to capture.  Love the results. I edited the pictures a bit using the Lightroom on my iPad Pro. I think it is great to view Puchong at night, from different perspective. When it comes to Puchong, often many would think of it as messy, jam, food…

  • Paying Happily

    I love great food. Not intending to sabotage any of the restaurant I have been to, but just merely highlighting why we pay for good food at sometimes reasonable prices, sometimes with some premium. So, we were eating out last week.  Walked into Kong Sai (广西仔)at Puncak Kinrara for dinner as we have not been there for some time now. 

  • Sky Ville Announced

    After several months, in fact close to a year of anticipating the name of the new semi-d housing project by IOI Properties, it is now officially known as Sky Ville, Bandar Puchong Jaya.  It is next to SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft.  

  • 宝香绑线肉骨茶 Bah Kut Teh

    First read about 宝香绑线肉骨茶 in Sin Chew Daily when it opens its first outlet in Bandr Puchong Jaya, as its other outlets are located in Klang. Wanting to try it but due to the advice from the O&G that Retna should stay away from the Chinese herbs or related food before the delivery. Well, we had it today, after I came back from the FGA Leaders Conference 2009.  Also, my mother-in-law is not with us this weekend, she has arranged to meet her old time friends in UK, in Kajang or some where in KL. The food took less than 10 minutes to serve and what caught our attention was…

  • Busy Weekend = Busy Week Ahead

    We hold a BBQ dinner at our home on Saturday night and we sort of planned it well as not to stretch our self too much until we are dead tired.  Started the buying of items on Friday evening, marinated the chicken cutes on Saturday morning, put in all the chicken cutes, sausages etc on Saturday afternoon.  Prepared the drinks on Saturday evening and later forgot to chill the red wine. Started the fire without much fuss, seems to have been seasoned in handling that.  Enjoyed the great company with Fredy, Wendy and kids, also the Mat Tou Yau and coleslaw.  Nigel, Yim Yim and kids brought red wines and…

  • Ladang Harcroft’s Grand Vision

    Glad to read the article on Ladang Harcroft’s e-classroom vision in The Star on Saturday. According to the principal when I last had a chat with him is that most of the e-classroom has been taken, this shows a great news and support among the parents of Ladang Harcroft, even at current economic environment. For parents or donors who are keen to embark on the e-classroom, probably the only and first in Malaysia, could visit this link for further information.

  • Good Intention that Requires Good Supervision

    How many have seen the recycling collection points at selected housing areas? The charity organisation makes it convenient for the residents to leave or pass the unwanted items such as clothes, kitchen utensils, bedding etc, of which will be channeled to the respective charity organisation.  However, I have heard stories about these organisations acted otherwise. To my shocking this morning after walking the boys to school, the collection point is now left with metal structure and ashes.  It is quite obvious it caught fire. This brings to safety concern for residents who live close by to the collection point.  What if there are some explosive items?

  • He Got to Learn How to Smile

    Congratulations to Ariel Tan for his ‘never-give-up’ and ‘never-take-no-for-an-answer’ attitude, just made him the first grand prize winner for the Thumb Nail Pictorial (大拇指画报). From the picture, I realised two things:- 1. He needs to learn how to smile for photograph when comes to award recognition (thought we have rehearsed with him before, maybe he just too playful) 2. He is getting taller or Madam Chee is slightly shorter  🙂 Whatever it is, we are just proud for him to win this prize of which we were in no way or whatsoever to assist him in answering these questions in the contest.  He did it. Congratulations to SJK (C) Ladang Harcroft. (BTW,…