• Just to talk about barbers, barbershops

    I visited about 10 barbershops in Klang Valley, Kuching as well as Kota Kinabalu. I did not photograph any of them, mainly I was having my hair cut, or had my face hair trimmed. Also, I prefer to photograph older barbers, and barbershops.  Just my preference. I have a fixed hairstylist I like to go to for now, and I photographed some barbers and barbershops when our twins were going for their hair cut.  They used to like the older barber, but now their taste in style has changed. While visiting the barbershops, I noticed some distinction which would determined if the barber would be able to make it big…

  • Visiting The Hairdressers Barbershop @ Kota Kinabalu

    Well known as THB, The Hairdressers Barbershop, is located at Sri Kepayan Commercial Centre, Kota Kinabalu, a really quiet neighbourhood, with 1 strange road heading into the area.  I think sports cars sure going to head the junction. Anyway, I found the place on Google and I checked the place a bit on the reviews, it is a decent barber with hipster setup. The barber team led by Kervin, who is also the owner of the outlet, are all really young.  Imagine some young and enthusiastic barista at the coffee joints?  Yes, you will see many of them here, to cut your hair.

  • Hair Cut

    I enjoy having hair cut – while I was small and now.  I suppose it has to do with the books or magazines one could read at the barber. Besides that, also the Indian soundtracks and radio stations, the friendliness of the barber.