• Birthday.

    I first discovered Sky Dining at Troika when I was looking for places to have meals with Retna, on special occasions, such as birthday, anniversary.  Just like everything and everyone else would have done – I Google-d for suggestions. The place is by 2 dudes with experience in restaurant opening, selling them, then open new ones. Cantaloupe is located on the 23A floor of Troika, one needs the access card to reach the floor, from the security team. The view is great if not blocked by advertisement billboards. The lunch menu is determined once a month, focusing on French cuisine and presentation.  If you fancy great food accompanied with great…

  • It’s was her birthday!

    Yesterday was a rather eventful day for me and Retna.  We took Inez on a quest to town to have her favourite toast bread from Yuk Kee, as well as chicken chop which she claimed she likes (ended up in Ariel’s belly). We went for plant shopping, mainly to get flowers she love.  Our daughter is a typical female, I am not saying most females would love flowers, but she especially love them very much. Headed home to get the flowers into the pots, planted them, arranged them etc. 

  • When Retna Asked, “What you wanna do on your birthday?”

    “Let’s head to Penang, have the nice char kuey teow, hokkien mee, duck noodle and then Ipoh for bean sprout chicken, bla bla bla…” I said. “Ooook, you sure about this?” said Retna. “Yep.  Also I wanna head to Penang to visit some heritage sites, I wanna document them,” I said further. Before Retna can change her mind by telling me that I have to think of something else to celebrate my 39th birthday, I woke her up at 4:30am, left the house at 5am and reached Georgetown at 8:45am, for our first Hokkien Mee at 1 Corner, Jalan Bawasah. We also had lor bak, char kuey teow, kuih chap,…

  • 11 Years Ago, They Were Born

    They were born 11 years ago, on this date. We named them Elijah (the prophet of God) and Ariel (the city of God and lion of God).  I remember one of my brother in laws told me that do not let named our children with Christian names, as he used those names to call his dogs.  Another brother in law told me that these are really strong names, might not too good for them. Whatever the perceptions and thinking are about on names.  These are the names when Retna and I were praying for our sons when they were conceived.  I got one and Retna got the other.  

  • What’s my age?

    Daily, besides thanking God for another day, I thank God for my wife, Retna Vijayan, and the 3 children that we have.  Also, the many more things that God has blessed as well as set challenges for us to become better. This morning, after the morning walk with Retna and Inez, Retna sang me a nice tune of (sort of) birthday song by Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blue. What’s my name, what’s my (age), oh, just tell me what I should do I don’t need to be kind to the armies of night that would do such injustice to you Or bow down and be grateful and say “sure, take all…