• Reading, Together

    Got to know about Readings @ September, a monthly event for writers, authors to come and read something or short part of the stories or just something he or she has written. Remember MobileFest?  Yep, just replace the attendees with people who are writers, and not geeks. I am not so much a writer neither an author, although I have never given up to write fictions about our neighbours. The session took place at Seksan Gallery, a gallery and office belongs to an architect firm, which obviously a bunch of people who loves arts and cherish arts. The readers featured for September were:- Asohan Aryaduray Catherine Brogan Charissa Ong Ty…

  • Rediscovering the Health Benefits of Fish and Olive Oil with Ayam Brand’s New Recipe Book

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products, has launched its first Fish and Olive Oil recipe book to reintroduce the health benefits of fish and olive oil, reverse the trend of eating out for dinner daily and to simplify some well-loved traditional recipes in a bid to make easy, tasty and healthy eating a reality for busy people. The Fish and Olive Oil recipe book features 30 recipes, 15 using Ayam Brand Tuna in Olive Oil and 15 using Ayam Brand Sardines in Olive Oil. The recipes were created by famed food stylist, Pelita Lim and photographed by noted photographer Keat Song.

  • Oh the places you will go

    Inez wanted me to read her a story last night.  I asked her, “What story you would like to hear?” “Anything, dad!” she said. “Ok, I will read what is available on my iPad.” I replied. So, we started reading Dr. Seuss series which I bought for her, and she does not like it, because it is harder to understand, plus seldom Dr. Seuss tells something nice at all time. So, I read to her ‘Oh The Places You Will Go’.