• Sweet and High Carbo Delight in Hong Kong Breakfast

    It is easy to find places to eat especially when you have Google to do that task, to do it really well.  However, we do not want the common suggestions, which I think Google would find it hard to recommend any when it is out of the norm. So we turned to the locals, asking them where would you have breakfast daily.  Some names appeared and the one we thought we will try is 檀島 Honolulu Coffee Shop, which is located at Wanchai, close our hotel.  We were lazy to walk there so we took a Uber. It is a really clean outlet with the staff whom are really fast to…

  • Laugh of the Day

    While having lunch with the boys earlier, I saw an elderly man sitting across us.  Did not pay much attention as was talking to the boys, but his t-shirt does attract me a bit.  It says, “ask me how to pick up chicks at airport” Another one that shared by Retna while having breakfast – “Well, there’s our brochure and if you can make it, worship service is Sunday at 11:00.  I’ll be praying for you.” Have a great time at work.