• When you are enjoying the seafood, think about the environmental effect

    Seafood, many likes it, some can’t have or too much of it, as it could cause skin allergy. However, I like seafood since I was young, especially fish.  More so, steamed fish.  But I am the type that would eat fish excessively, I am more like a person who is concerned about the balance diet.  Wait a minute, some of you would not agree with me.  All right, I tried, ok? I have the privilege of joining our client, Brother International Malaysia on their company corporate social responsibility trip to Sandakan.  So just after our arrival, we would brought to Sim Sim Seafood, where all food served here is pork…

  • From Ipoh with Love

    Yesterday was the sixth leg for Ayam Brand’s Nationwide Community Care Campaign, took place in The Salvation Army Boys Home in Tambun, Ipoh.  The home located not too far after the highway exit of Tambun, is a very nice and comfortable area.  The home is blessed with the wind blows all the time.  Besides that, we have mountains to admire. It was also fun to meet Ayam Brand’s local team in Ipoh.  So fast, it has been a year.

  • Printing made affordable by Brother

    Brother International Malaysia, a leader in home and business IT peripherals that focuses on the ‘Customer-First’ approach, introduced a new range of LED technology compact colour printers and multi-function centres (MFCs), that are affordably priced with among the best features and benefits in its class. Brother International has priced the range to allow small businesses as well as corporate workgroups that are recovering from the recession and are on a limited budget to reap maximum office automation benefits in terms of speed and functions.

  • Brother extends its cares to northern region

    Brother International Malaysia, a leader in the development and manufacturing of technologies in the printing, communications, labeling, industrial and personal sewing contributed 38 personal sewing machines to 38 charity homes across Penang, Kedah, Perlis and Perak as part of its annual ‘Brother Cares’ community programme. The Brother sewing machines valued at RM27,000 were handed over to representatives from the Northern region charitable organizations at Penang Cheshire Home.