• Temptations

    I was approached by some Taiwanese asking if I am a hairstylist. I said, "Barber." #Taipei #Taiwan #MRT A post shared by Samuel Tan (@hisamueltan) on Feb 25, 2016 at 4:43am PST Recently in a Uber ride, I was asked an interesting question by the driver. “Have you tried to have sex with any other woman other than your wife?” “Have you thought of having sex with other women after you married your wife?” I am not going to share the replies here, LOL. Go, imagine my replies 🙂 What I want to highlight is that, why men or even women could not handle temptation.

  • World Class, Low Class

    I seldom travel abroad, normally when there is such opportunity, it is for family trip. We love traveling abroad, not because we do not find any where interesting to visit in Malaysia, in fact we cover many places in our beloved country from time to time, the one we all love the most – Penang. So, coming back on the traveling, why I brought this up, simply, I noticed how bad our international airports are, as compares to the other countries, which I have been to. 

  • Tried Uber

    I am always fond for public transport, more so when I could get into one which I could walk and save some time between meetings for work or just doing my own errands. Where I am living and working at #welcometopuchong land, there is not much public transport averrable within the walking distance.  The nearest would be 3km away, which can imagine how hot and dangerous it would be walking on the roads.  More so, the Puchong roads have limited or no shoulder walk way.  So, pretty much we are walking on faith.