• French Cars, Hate and Love Relationship

    I love our French cars, so much that I have written about them many times. I even asked and then shared with many Citroen lovers out there on a forum posting, which I believe was the highest in terms of page view. We got our first Citroen or French car in 2009, before our dear Inez came to this world. We learn from our previous parenthood experience that we needed some space in the car, when we have a baby. The need to pack day use cloths, stroller, easy snacks etc when you have a baby. More so, we had a helper with us that time. So a car with…

  • Talking About Zebra Crossing

    The very first time I learn about zebra crossing when I was sitting for the driving examination many years ago.  Since then I seldom ever had any encountered with it, truly. Until when I went to Singapore alone for the first time.  I was standing in front of the traffic light, wanting to cross the road, since there were many cars on the busy Orchard road, I waited.  Then a few cars slow down and stop for some how no reason that time.  Yep, I thought the traffic light may had changed.  No, they were waiting for me to cross.  Wow, the magic.