• I did it!

    We took a detour over the weekend while coming home.  We headed to Changi Airport for few hours before taking the next flight back to Kuala Lumpur.  Anyway, the decision proven to be worthwhile. Why?


    Bought the #solrepublic while in Changi Airport, Singapore during work trip before Christmas 2012. I was really happy with it, really.  No bluff. However, while I was happy with it, the buttons began to malfunction. It took me more than a month to get a replacement from #solrepublic.  

  • Singapore, other than selected shopping items, rest not so great

    We went to Singapore on Monday.  It was supposed to be a trip to Singapore Zoo, National Science Centre for Elijah, Ariel and Inez.  However, they did not come with us to Singapore, because when they met the rest of their cousins at grandmother’s home in the morning, they changed their mind.  They wanted to stayed with cousins, and play.  So, it was Retna and I to Singapore then. The Johor Causeway has been upgraded, in fact better.  However, the immigration and custom offices are pretty much the same still, I mean the service.  Everything also not sure.  There was a car broke down in front of us, we asked…