• Doing homework, doing it right

    School holiday is over, and kids back to school. Many parents (like us) will be or already busy with helping the kids with home work or school work. Most of the time, Inez would do her home work by herself (Sri Lanka and Chinese genes are strong). This evening, she handed me some books to run through to check if she would be able to answer the questions on the home work correctly.  So I went through the books.  I realised, home work is actually a really good time for parent and kids to get together.  Like spending quality time together. What I think would work really well for ‘New…

  • Typing, is fun again

    I have a typewriter, from my father, he bought it I think 50 years ago, for him to type stuff.  I am not sure what he used it for, but I remember using the typewriter for my resume, applying a short term work with Kerry’s Supermarket, and later applying a job with a webpage design company. I also used the typewriter to complete the school project, mainly the English and Bahasa Malaysia ones, which required some neat work, instead of hand writing.  Not that my hand writing is any bad.

  • Children on Social Media: Lie about Their Age and Share Too Much Sensitive Data

    Findings, worrying for parents worldwide, have been revealed by the Connected Kidsresearch, carried out by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth. The research showed us that children from 8 to 16 are not only addicted to communicating on social media, but also behave very dangerously on these networks, putting themselves – and the rest of their families – in danger.

  • Visiting Kuen Cheng, again

    #626 was the open day for Kuen Cheng High School.  We went to Kuen Cheng many times, in fact all the times for something, let me put it, less pleasant moments, mainly someone would had something to complain about the twins. We have met most of the teachers, senior assistants at Kuen Cheng, except the principal, because we are not in the large donors category…  BTW, KC principal and my mother, used to be classmate.

  • “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?”

    Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land.  And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” ~ Matthew 27:45-46 Ever wonder what was the feeling of God when His only Son, Jesus was crying out to Him, before His death? I never thought I would become parents, even though I thought about marriage. It is hard to be a good and responsible husband, I mean responsible for the spouse instead of just being good, more so being a father and husband at the same…

  • Pep-Talking

    I like my weekend, more so I have more days off, thanks to Labor Day which is a public holiday in Malaysia, and probably many other places in the world. We spent the time pep-talking to our sons whom are going for their exam tomorrow.  These pep-talk took place at home, in the car, having meals etc.  As a parents, we do not leave the tasks of bringing up the children to others.  We do it ourselves, even though we have to work to earn the living, which took away most of our time with our children. But, whatever, whenever we have the time with our children, we talked to…

  • Survival skills that child should have

    When I first heard about this incident on 988 yesterday morning, the feeling of loosing a child is pain that no parent could possible handle.  No matter what would be the monetary compensation thereafter. My suggestion to parents, do not rely on others to take care your child, no matter under what circumstances.  Try the very best to educate them the survival skills – sensing the danger around, strangers, ability to swim as well as save himself or herself when in a dangerous situation. With what has happened in Kampar, pray that God will comfort the families and also bringing on the miracles for the two children that are still…

  • Do Not Leave Child in the Car Alone

    It only takes 8 minutes to kill a child in the car with temperature of 40 degrees in the car. This is quite common among parents who normally double-parked or simply parked their cars and left the little ones in the cars, while they attend to their business.  Although many incidents had happened in the past, but parents continue to leave the children in the cars.  Thanks to the research done in Australia published in China Press. Adult too could die under that circumstance as well. Good advice to parents everywhere including Ladang Harcroft.