• Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity named world’s best tech invention

    Kaspersky Lab announces that it’s Industrial CyberSecurity Platform has won this year’s World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievement Award at the 3rd World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China this week. From among 60 tech innovations from different parts of the globe, Kaspersky Lab’s Industrial CyberSecurity Platform 2016 has made the cut for the top 15 exceptional scientific and technological breakthroughs from which the awardee was selected.

  • Sometimes artist missed it too, sometimes

    Brought Ariel, Elijah and Inez to Sunway Pyramid for dinner, mainly it was heavy down pour in the evening.  The restaurant at Puchong that Retna and I wanted to explore will have to delay for the food outing trip. After dinner at Esquire Kitchen, Elijah told us he wanted to buy McDonald ice cream, where as Ariel said he wanted to explore how the artist draws a live portrait in less than ten minutes.  I think it is the nature of kids, or perhaps with Ariel who likes to ask questions, the artist told him to keep quiet while he was drawing someone’s else portrait. He then asked if he…

  • PAPA Blames Wanita :-)

    Persatuan Agensi Pembantu Rumah Asing Malaysia (PAPA) has blamed Wanita MCA for opposing the importing of Chinese maids from China as the acts is being terms as “selfish” and “loss of confidence” on the husbands. If Indonesian maids can be sexually abused or raped in Malaysia, what makes one think it would not happen to Chinese maids? Kudos to Wanita MCA and I stand by you. Again, we are happier with you (foreign maids).

  • Don’t Come, We Are Happy Without You

    Read Sin Chew Daily this morning about the Indonesian authority is considering stop exporting Indonesian maids to Malaysian.  This is one of the step that Indonesian authority might decide to take after many incidents of Indonesian maids being physically tortured and abused during their tenure in Malaysia.  Persatuan Agensi Pembantu Rumah Asing Malaysia (PAPA) had a dialog recently and will be proposing that all employers of Indonesian maids to undergo classes prior to employing and applying a foreign maid. The PAPA suggestion reminds me of an interesting example for Ferrari owner before buying one, as would be required to learn how to handle the car first.  So, now we are…