Vatican City, An Overview

According to Vatican City official website, Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929. These were ratified on June 7th 1929. Its nature as a sovereign State distinct from the Holy See is universally recognized under international law. In this tiny and world’s smallest state, it […]

Let Grace Speaks

公说公有理,婆说婆有理。 Ever been in a situation that both parties have something to say, and after they have said what was in their mind, we could not have any solution because neither party wants to come to solution.  Quite often in a case of church raid, many non-Christians are watching how a Christian will react to […]

The left behind of modern development (visiting Urban Food Sharing, again)

Pudu was the bus interchange venue for me when I was in secondary school.  Pudu Plaza was the hang out place for me after Taekwondo class on Saturday.  Because we have a buddy whose parent was selling pork noodle in the hawker centre (which long gone now), before we placed ourselves in the video games […]