• Vatican City, An Overview

    According to Vatican City official website, Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929. These were ratified on June 7th 1929. Its nature as a sovereign State distinct from the Holy See is universally recognized under international law. In this tiny and world’s smallest state, it has 800 citizens, with 450 of them are the Vatican citizen, the rest are allowed to reside there. Vatican also has its own coin and stamps, but when we were there, the souvenir shops inside Vatican City accept only Euro. I am not too sure how to take a public transport to Vatican City, but…

  • Welcome Home, Hillsong Melbourne

    We have heard and sang so many of the Hillsong tracks, reading so much about them, however, going there, visiting them for the first time, something we have been looking forward to. So, Retna and I visited Hillsong for the Sunday service for the first time, at Melbourne.

  • How come when we met angel(s), we ignored

    I was joking with @aboutcom_my team while I was driving to an event venue few days ago that I was an angel, perhaps the fat one whom just saved few motorcyclists when I was driving.  I think I may be wrong or could be bullshitting here, but I think I may have a valid point that I may not have an angelic personality, but I did concern for the road users. Ok, I am a road user too.  More so when I am cycling on the road, I pray hard that the other road users notice me. An interesting incident happened at church yesterday. A congregation sitting next to us…

  • How iPad2 craze has reached the church

    “Is that an iPad2?” senior pastor asked me this morning while at church. “It is iPad, first generation.” I replied. “Is that an iPad2?” a senior church leader asked. “No.  Still using iPad, first generation.” I answered. “Do you know how Pastor XXX (to remain anonymous so to maintain the integrity of the said person) got his iPad2?” one asked me. “He saw the long waiting line and went straight to Machines at Mid Valley and told the shop assistant that he wanted to launch a complaint about the way how they handle the sales resulted long waiting line.  Do you expect a 70+ man to stand in line to buy an…

  • Fun Fun Fun Weekend

    We met the sons teachers on Friday about their academic and overall performance at school.  They have areas which required serious improvement, but also have some compliments from their teachers, which we thought must be grace of God.  Or God has given the teachers a lot of grace and peace in their hearts 🙂  But, I could see they love the students very much, praise the Lord. So, over the weekend, we have been working on completing some of the sons school projects which were long overdue.  The teachers gave the students three months to complete, our sons, 3 days – or less.  One of them is science project –…

  • Wonderful Device, but…..

    After using it for coming to two weeks plus now.  iPad has been a great companion in work – taking minutes, notes, emails, browsing, ebook reading and watching movies and podcast as and when I could.  Although I have seen many brothers and sisters in church using it during Sunday Service, I have actually yet to use it during sermon.  Mainly, I have Baby Inez with me most of the time.

  • How does she look?

    After coming from service yesterday, Retna put on a dress for Inez after she has a bath. She seems rather uncomfortable with this dress, I think.  Based on the her facial expression. But, I think she will get used to having to wear a dress 🙂 What do you think?