• Hunting Hackers.

    Few Malaysian media is there now, reporting on the Cybersecurity conference organised by Kaspersky Lab.  The conference is a good platform to showcase how both private and public sectors coming together to fight on cyber criminals. Kaspersky Lab hosts a Security Conference, ‘Palaeontology of Cybersecurity Conference’ as part of the INTERPOL World Congress 2017. The conference aims to shed light on how private and public cybersecurity experts work together to collect malware artefacts, map and analyze attacks, and find the trail of the hackers responsible for the most sophisticated cyber campaigns around the world. “As exciting as it sounds, researchers who hunt the hackers, responsible for the most stealthy and…

  • Kaspersky Lab is Calling!

    Want to meet some of the leading specialists involved in today’s dynamic IT industry, get a deeper insight into IT security issues, win cash prizes, connect with like-minded people and lay the foundations for a successful career in IT? Kaspersky Lab offers all these opportunities to students participating in its ‘CyberSecurity for the Next Generation’ conference. This international conference brings together students, IT security experts and university professors, and provides a unique opportunity to try your hand at real research, discuss current IT security problems and establish useful professional connections.