• Blending Health, Convenience, Possible?

    I once went on a trip of fasting, after I learn from a Finnish expert of health, he came in Malaysia many years back.  I attended his session (FOC), which he shared on the idea of fasting, without food for days, just plain water.  I tried, it seems to work.  I forgot his name by now, I was 14 that time. However, the fast I did recently (some years back) was the pray for the nation, I did the half and full day fast, and praying for the nation. As the Ramadan is drawing closer, which is about sometime next month, we will be seeing many Muslim around the world…

  • Increase Your Fibre and Protein Intake.

    How is your digestion and intestinal health? Fibre plays an important role in promoting better intestinal health and aiding digestion[1]. Are you getting enough fibre in your diet? According to the Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Malaysia 2017 report by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Malaysian adults should get 20-30g[2] of fibre, daily. However, local data reveals that the average urban Malaysian’s daily diet only contains about 13-16g of total dietary fibre[3]. While fruits and vegetables are among the most common source of dietary fibre, legumes such as beans are a very good source of dietary fibre[4]. Canned baked beans are ready to eat straight from the can, making them a…

  • Healthy nutritious meal, learn and prepared by kids

    What most parents would do in stopping their younger kids from entering into the kitchen to assist, simply, the parents worry that the kids may mess up the kitchen as well as slowing the food preparation process. I remember when I was growing up, my mother actually needed us to be in the kitchen, why?  She really needed help.  We did not have fancy kitchen equipments, so a lot more manual and labor work were required in the kitchen.  So my mother will always got me and my elder brother next to her to prepare lunch, dinner. 

  • ‘Life Hacks’ on Cooking, Home-keeping and Nutrition Tips

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products, has compiled a list of essential cooking, home-keeping and nutrition ‘life hacks’ to make the experience of cooking and eating at home easier, more productive and more nutritious.

  • Rediscovering the Health Benefits of Fish and Olive Oil with Ayam Brand’s New Recipe Book

    Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products, has launched its first Fish and Olive Oil recipe book to reintroduce the health benefits of fish and olive oil, reverse the trend of eating out for dinner daily and to simplify some well-loved traditional recipes in a bid to make easy, tasty and healthy eating a reality for busy people. The Fish and Olive Oil recipe book features 30 recipes, 15 using Ayam Brand Tuna in Olive Oil and 15 using Ayam Brand Sardines in Olive Oil. The recipes were created by famed food stylist, Pelita Lim and photographed by noted photographer Keat Song.