• Ariel Lin Appointed As The Asian Face of Neutrogena

    With age and exposure to the environment, the skin’s water carrying molecules-known as hyaluronic acid begin to disappear, resulting in dull complexion, rough and damaged skin. We notice our first few lines, more visible pores and a loss of suppleness.  Skin in this phase of transition needs more than just hydration products to replenish hydration from the outside; it needs a powerful cell renewing formula that treats damaged skin from within. Unveil the Power of Cell Renewing Science pecially formulated with scientifically proven and tested ingredients, NewNeutrogena® Hydro Boost™ Renewal RENEWS, REPLENISHES and RECHARGES skin in just 4 weeks.

  • Shaver Foam or Gel?

    What do you used to shave?  Foam or gel? After trying Gatsby shaver gel (neither advertisement nor Gatsby is aboutcom’s client), I find gel is still the best.  Foam sort of block the visibility of face hair, resulted sometimes, missing the ‘cut’. However, Gatsby shaver gel is hard to come by.  Used to be available at most major pharmacy outlets, but not anymore. So you know where I could get it?  Thanks.