• World Cup Brazil 2014: Tips for Using ATMs and Avoiding Credit Card Cloning

    If you still haven’t decided how you plan to pay your bills while you’re in Brazil – cash or credit card – it is high time to do so. Kaspersky Lab warns that Brazil has some of the most creative and active criminals specializing in credit card cloning. And, unfortunately, they love to target foreigners who don’t know how to protect their cards when withdrawing money from an ATM or paying for their drinks in a restaurant. But our experts have some useful tips to protect against the most common attacks on ATMs and point of sales (PoS) devices in Brazil.  

  • Her Hand + Fellowship with the Family

    Had a visitation and dinner by Ravi, Grace, Vishan and Vainavi last night. Although the physical body was tired with work, traveling and taking care of family, the family visitation sometimes come as a great time of fellowship as well as to catch up with one another. Our topic of discussion was around the issues of ‘potong’ (terminate or direct translation of cut) – P1 Wimax and credit cards. We also shared ideas about Transformer, why I believe we should introduce some other games instead.