• Me + My Mother

    Have you ever looked at your mum’s hands – all that hard work can leave her hands dry but filled with love. Botaneco Garden, a brand of delightful wholesome beauty products inspired by nature’s best; that is exclusively available at Guardian, is giving away 10 limited edition Botaneco Garden hand cream sets to pamper her precious hands through its “Botaneco Garden Mum + Me Mother’s Day Photo Contest X Guardian” to celebrate Mother’s Day with nature-inspired care and style. To show her your love, and our appreciation, there are also 10 uniquely designed 50gram bouquets that will be delivered to her, with a special card from you, and us. All…

  • Close the gender gap in cybersecurity

    In recent years, more and more women have climbed the corporate ladder to occupy important positions in the business world serving as role models for young girls. However, according to Kaspersky Lab’s “Beyond 11 Percent: A Study into Why Women Are Not Entering Cybersecurity“, cybersecurity remains largely untapped by women, accounting for only 11% of the total workforce in the industry. The report outlines some interesting facts on why cybersecurity continues to be a difficult career for women to break into. According to the report, women in cybersecurity face a harsh reality: often being the only female in a room full of men – which may be one of the…

  • Logistics innovator Zyllem announces launch in Malaysia

    Logistics startup Zyllem today announces its regional service expansion into new markets Malaysia and the Philippines. A Singapore-based leading logistics solutions provider, Zyllem will begin offering fast, reliable and cost-efficient same-day delivery services within Malaysia’s Klang Valley from today. Zyllem enables and connects existing resources – freelance or local couriers, delivery drivers – to create reliable and efficient distribution networks, in turn creating a large number of jobs in this market.

  • Kaspersky Lab and Mensa help you train your alertness in Global Think Test

    Kaspersky Lab and Mensa are inviting Internet users to a very special challenge over the summer. TheGlobal Think Test is made up of a series of online brain games and meant to challenge the combination and calculation skills of participants. On the ‘Global Think Test Day’ on September 6, 2014, a global competition will be held. Those demonstrating the best combination skills can win US $25,000. The organizations are trying to make people aware of the fact that sanity and reason are still the best weapons against many cyberthreats. But, as humans, our behavior is often geared towards being social and shaped by limited cognitive resources, say psychologists. So we need to train our alertness.

  • Being parent

    I find it hard to celebrate parent’s day this year.  Mainly there were many traveling plans related to work that we have to attend to.  Nevertheless, I just want to share how important it it to be a parent.  I do not mean being a parent as married, getting pregnant, giving birth, raise the child et cetera.  But focusing on a parent that is able to raise the child up, then stop supplying, stop nagging, spoon feeding, advising constantly without letting the grown up child to decide, or simply continuously directing the child even though he or she already grown up.