• Oh Holy Night, Good Food, Company and Time

    We seldom cook at home.  Like probably never. Correction: Actually Ariel, Elijah and Inez do cook at home, when we are away for work or we worked really late, they will prepare their own meals at home. So when we thought it is time for me and Retna to cook at home, nothing beats the right timing than Christmas. We invited Grace, Vishaan and Vainavi over to our home for dinner as well as to get together. We took turns to prepare the meals, mainly some dishes required more time than the others. Mine dishes require shortest time, as I used the Thermomix to make them.  Where as for Retna,…

  • Dinner at an organic farm

    About a week ago, my dear friend Joe introduced me to his dear friend, Pete Teo, who is running A Little Farm On The Hill, which is located at Janda Baik.  If you are not sure where Janda Baik is, it is on the way to Genting Highland, or Bukit Tinggi, or heading to the East Coast.  I have checked the site which I was planning to take the Tan-Vijayans for their birthday celebration this year.  Well, I changed the plan, the price, is exorbitant. When Stanley, the chief for Ayam Brand Borneo told me if I would be keen to have dinner at an organic farm in Kota Kinabalu,…

  • We Are Family

    “What if there was a place you could go where there was no TV? And whoever you were sitting with was family?” That was the line by Peggy while she was preparing the pitch for the Burger Chef.  I kind of like the idea of no TV, as most of the restaurant tend to have TVs on, of which the kids would be starring on the screen instead of having conversation with the parents. Rather irritating?  No?

  • Some never admit their faults (or unable to see own faults)

    Inez is four days old now, we praise God for His protection and wisdom these few days, although we had some nights that we wished to have some sleep 🙂 While having dinner outside for the first time with everyone including Inez, I encountered into two families that I wish to enter to this blog so that it would be good learning ground for myself, perhaps for some as well. There was a girl sitting behind me, repeatedly telling me, “Excuse me,” several times, until later I realised it was because when I stood up from the seat, the chair touched her chair a bit.  For the first time, I…

  • Eating Out (Current Economy Environment)

    In the current economy environment, eating out daily like us can be a major financial burden. However, when challenges arise, one would stood to withstand it or simply let it eat into one, however, I choose the first option. Eating out with tasty yet healthy food is quite possible in Puchong. Let’s find out how.