• Ass-es, every where.

    Last week when I was driving around for the errands in Puchong, I encountered at least twice in a day with some mad drivers on the road.  Many of them unable to keep to their respective lane while driving, and do you know why? I think if the drivers were sleepy, it is understood, as the life is hard.  So you may get tired. Well, the drivers were on the phone, either talking without the handsfree, or simply manoeuvre the online maps for direction, or worst of all, replying text messages. So an auntie driver let her car came close, really close to our DS5, and almost hit the car,…

  • Talking About Zebra Crossing

    The very first time I learn about zebra crossing when I was sitting for the driving examination many years ago.  Since then I seldom ever had any encountered with it, truly. Until when I went to Singapore alone for the first time.  I was standing in front of the traffic light, wanting to cross the road, since there were many cars on the busy Orchard road, I waited.  Then a few cars slow down and stop for some how no reason that time.  Yep, I thought the traffic light may had changed.  No, they were waiting for me to cross.  Wow, the magic.

  • I see Haze in Pusat Bandaraya

    I see haze today, almost everywhere. While driving towards Pusat Bandaraya, the visibility was very much reduced to less than 3km or 5km.  The sky and surrounding looked very grey and I suppose that was how most people would have felt driving in town. Also with such bad visibility, it is quite dangerous for motorcyclists.  If they are wearing something darker or anything approaching grey, chances are that the drivers might miss them. The experience driving around with haze around has not been pleasant, as most road users seems rather sleepy and demotivated. Hope the condition will change soon.  More pictures when you click read more.